Cornwall Stove 5kw

Cornwall Stove 5kw

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Description: Cornwall Stove 5kw.
Dimensions: H: 550mm, W: 430mm, D: 310mm, Dia: 125mm,
Weight: 65 kg
Output: 5 kW

Colour: Black
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What Stove output do I need for my room?

Required Stove output can be calculated as follows;-

Room Height x width x length divided by 14 equals KW rating required. This assumes a required temperature of 20oC and outside temperature of 0oC. The number of doors, windows and insulation for the room will act to adjust the calculation.

This calculation is intended as a guide only and should be confirmed by a HETAS Engineer. Please note that Stove outputs are based on ideal environmental conditions.

How do I install my Stove ?

Stove installation should be carried out in one of two ways, either by a HETAS registered installer or in accordance with local Building Regulations and signed off by a local Building Inspector. A local HETAS installer can be found by visiting, or recommended by your local retailer.

In order to effect the Warranty the installation sheet must be signed by the relevant installer or Building Control Officer and returned.

Please note that certain Stove Components are not covered by the Warranty and are treated as consumable parts, this includes Stove Glass.

Please also ensure a conforming CO2 detector is fitted as an integral part of the installation.

Instruction Manual